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Daisy Girl Scouts

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Requirements filled according to the 1993 Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders.

Scrapbook Links to Activities:

33. - 38. "Things I See Around Me" through "Things I can Touch Around Me"
Come to the refuge and walk through the Wisdom of Wildness exhibit, walk the trails, look on the patio for flowers and butterflies, and look through binoculars or scopes at the viewing pod to see different wild areas around the refuge. See which things you can touch and which things you cannot. You can then write down some of these things, or draw pictures in your scrapbook.girl using binoculars

41. "We Took a Field Trip"
Have the troop take a field trip to the National Wildlife Visitor Center. Write or draw what you learn about in your scrapbook.

43. "These Daisy Girl Scouts Are Painting"
Bring paints and paper to the refuge and paint pictures of your favorite animal or setting here at the refuge. (Note: Paints should be used outdoors only.)

46. "Shapes We Found on Our Nature Walk"
Walk the trails at the refuge and look for different shapes. Look all around, up, down, and at things large and small.

Program Activity Cards:

8. Alphabet Hike
Hike the trails on the refuge and find things that start with each letter of the alphabet in order of the letters.

15. Imitate Nature
Visit the outdoor education area by Goose Pond. Look for things that you can imitate on your way to Goose Pond. Use the field and bleachers for your activity.

37. Portable Investigation Kit

Assemble your kit based on the suggestions given in the book. Then bring it to the Refuge and do some investigating!
girl using magnifying glass

43. Water Studies
Visit the refuge and ask a staff member if you can get a water sample from one of the impoundments. Look at the different life that lives in the water by the edge and from deeper in the impoundment.

57. Camouflage
Use the area by Goose Pond to play this game of camouflage "hide and seek".

59. - 62. Outdoor Sights, Sounds, Feeling, Smell
All four of these activities can be done here at the refuge.



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