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Requirements filled according to the 1998 Wolf Cub Scout Book

The Wolf Trail:

Your Living World* (also see World Conservation Award)

7b. It takes a lot of energy to make glass, cans, and paper products. You can help save energy by collecting these items for use again. Write the name of the recycling center closest to you. Find out what items you can save and send to this center.

Gather information about pollution and recycling in The Wisdom of Wildness exhibits.

Family Fun

10b. Plan a walk. Go to a park or a wooded area, or visit a zoo or museum with your family.

Come and visit the refuge and walk on our trails through different habitats. There are over 25 miles of trails at the National Wildlife Visitor Center and North Tract. Maps are available at both locations.

The Arrow Point Trail:

Birds* (also see World Conservation Award)

13a. Make a list of all the birds you saw in a week and tell where you saw them (field, forest, marsh, yard, or park).

Plan to visit the refuge either once during your bird watching week, or visit everyday for a week and make a list of the birds you see. A bird list is available at the National Wildlife Visitor Center and North Tract. Use a bird field guide to identify the birds you see.

Outdoor Adventure

18b. With a parent, help plan and run a family or den outing.

Plan a trip to the refuge. Call ahead or check the website (patuxent.fws.gov) and see if there are any activities planned that you and your family or den can attend.

Fishing* (also see World Conservation Award)

19a. Point out five fish.

Visit the North Tract of the refuge and ask a staff member where you can go to see some fish.

19b. Rig a pole with the right kind of line and hook. Attach a bobber and sinker, if you need them. Then go fishing.

Once you have your supplies and have assembled your fishing pole, come to the refuge and ask a staff member where you can fish.

Call before you come to check on any current regulations (301-776-3090).

19c. Fish with members of your family or a grown-up. Bait your hook and do your best to catch a fish.

Visit the refuge and talk with a staff member about where you can fish. Ask the staff member what kind of fish you might catch there.

Call before you come to check on any current regulations (301-776-3090).


* World Conservation Award

Your Living World, Birds & Fishing are also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

You may be able to complete the requirement to have the pack or den participate in a conservation project during our Earth Day activities. Earth Day is held every year in April. Call the main number (301-497-5763) to find out if the current year=s program is applicable for your pack or den.


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