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Requirements filled according to the 1998 Rangering Guidebook.


#1 Visit the Chesapeake Bay Habitat exhibit at the National Wildlife Visitor Center to learn more about the watershed in this area.

#2 The Patuxent Research Refuge has many different habitats for you to study, including wetlands, lakes, forests, and meadows.

#3 Take a field trip to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge. Take the tram tour or talk to a staff member or volunteer to learn more about each unique habitat.



#8 At the Patuxent Research Refuge, both National Fishing Week and National Hunting and Fishing Day are celebrated with special events. Contact the National Wildlife Visitor Center to find out dates for these events and how you can help.



#1a For more information about hunter education courses for Patuxent Research Refuge, contact the Meade Natural Heritage Association at (301) 317-3825.

#3b Contact the National Wildlife Visitor Center (301-497-5760) for more information about the National Hunting and Fishing Day programs and ways to get involved.

#3c Stop by or call the North Tract Visitor Contact station 301/776-3090 to arrange an interview with a conservation officer. During hunting season, check with the Hunting Control Station (301) 317-3819 to observe or assist there.


#2a The Patuxent Research Refuge has many areas which are suitable for year round study. The wetland, lake, forest, and meadow habitats all have several species of wildlife and plants for your study.

#3a There are many plant and wildlife species that can be found in different areas of the refuge. Ask a staff member or volunteer to help you chose a species to study.

#4 Volunteers are always welcome at the Patuxent Research Refuge. We have many projects you can participate in to benefit plants and wildlife. Stop by the front desk to get more information about what you can do to help.

Patuxent Research Refuge
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