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Bear Cub Scout


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Requirements filled according to the 1998 Bear Cub Scout Book

The Bear Trail:

Sharing Your World with Wildlife *  (See World Conservation Award)

5a. Choose a bird or animal that you like and find out how it lives. Make a poster showing what you have learned.

Look for birds out on the refuge, find one you like, watch it in its natural environment. Take a bird tour on the refuge, or study the birds in The Wisdom of Wildness exhibit.

5c. Explain what a wildlife conservation officer does.

Visit the refuge and speak to one of our staff and learn about the different roles conservation officers have.

5d. Visit one of the following: Zoo, Nature Center, Wildlife Refuge, Game Preserve.

Come visit the refuge and visitor center. Take a tram tour or walk the trails. Watch the Discovering the Wisdom of Wildness orientation video to learn about the National Wildlife Refuge System and Patuxent=s mission.

5e. Name one animal that has become extinct in the last 100 years. Tell why animals become extinct. Name one animal that is on the endangered species list.

Talk to a staff member at the refuge about endangered and extinct species. Visit the On the Brink section of our The Wisdom of Wildness exhibits. This section showcases several endangered and threatened animals.

Family Outdoor Adventures

12b. Go on a hike with your family

Come and visit the refuge and walk on our trails through different habitats. There are over 25 miles of trails at the National Wildlife Visitor Center and North Tract. Maps are available at both locations.


* World Conservation Award

Sharing Your World with Wildlife is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

You may be able to complete the requirement to have the pack or den participate in a conservation project during our Earth Day activities. Earth Day is held every year in April. Call the National Wildlife Visitor Center (301-497-5760) to find out if the current year=s program is applicable for your pack or den.

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