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Patuxent Research Refuge
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Winter at the Refuge

Cash Lake reflection Winter may - or may not - bring significant snow to the Patuxent Refuge. These snow scenes show the Refuge wearing its several-times-a-winter coat of white.

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteers Steve Noyes, Joe DiGiovanni, Ed Grimes, and Richard Kaiser.   Photo captions indicate the photographer via initials - [sn], [jd], [eg], [rk], and, may indicate the year the photograph was taken - for example, [jd, 2009].

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Refuge access via Powder Mill Road [eg, 2009]
National Wildlife Visitor Center [sn]
National Wildlife Visitor Center [eg, 2009]
Sculpture at Visitor Center entrance,
View from Visitor Center Viewing Pod [sn]
Cash Lake reflection [sn, 2011]
Cash Lake [sn]
Trail to Goose Pond [sn]
Goose Pond
Trail to Lake Redington dam [rk, 2009]
Deer tracks in snow [sn]
North Tract River Trail ice designs [jd, 2009]
North Tract River Trail ice designs [jd, 2009]
North Tract Forest Trail ice crystals on fungi [jd, 2009]
North Tract holly with berries and ice [jd, 2011]
Visitor Center after new snow [sn, 2011]

Patuxent Research Refuge
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