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Patuxent Research Refuge
Photo Gallery
Summer at the Refuge

Water lily - Cash Lake Summer - and the living is easy. For grasses and wetland plants, time to reach full growth. For wildlife young, time to learn and grow while still in parents' care. For people, time for a vacation, or, maybe, just relax by the lake shore waiting for a fish to bite.

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteers Ed Grimes and Steve Noyes. Photo captions indicate the photographer via initials - [eg], [sn].

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Visitor Center [sn]
Visitor Contact Station at North Tract [sn]
Beginning of Fireroad Trail [sn]
North Tract pond - just beyond the Scout sites [eg]
Great blue heron [eg]
Brown water snake... eating a sunfish [eg]
Water lily - Cash Lake [eg]
Kids Fishing Day -   Lake Reddington [eg]
Kids Fishing Day -  Refuge staff intern shows how to cast a line [eg]
Kids Fishing Day [eg]
Lake Reddington -  Nest box in foreground [eg]
Whitetail deer buck [eg]
American kestral [eg]
Thistle and bees [eg]
Five-lined skink [sn]
Tram tour  -  Starting out [eg]

Patuxent Research Refuge
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