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Patuxent Research Refuge
Photo Gallery
Spring at the Refuge

Bluebird with snackDays grow warmer, daylight starts earlier and stays longer. Plants sprout, new leaves unfold. Migrant birds pass through or stop and look for a nesting place. Frogs and toads sound off with peeps and croaks. Lots of new life to see, hear, and enjoy.

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteers Steve Noyes, Joe DiGiovanni, and Ed Grimes. Photo captions indicate the photographer via initials - [sn], [jd], [eg].

Click on a photo to see a larger version

Cash Lake [sn]
Valley Trail [sn]
Cinnamon ferns [sn]
Skunk cabbage [jd, 2011]
Dicentra (Dutchman's breeches) [jd]
Bluets [jd]
Bluebell - North Tract River Trail [jd]
Virginia water leaf flowers - North Tract River Trail [jd, 2011]
Wild columbine in Bayscapes Garden [jd, 2011]
Toads [sn]
Raccoon dabbles in Merganser Pond at NorthTract [jd, 2013]
Basking turtles [sn]
Eastern smooth earthsnake [jd, 2011]
Tree swallows at nesting box [sn]
Eastern bluebird [eg]
Bluebird with snack [sn]
Nature walk on Loop Trail [sn]
Tram tour [sn]
Earth Day at the Visitor Center - April 2008 [sn]

Patuxent Research Refuge
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