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Patuxent Research Refuge
Photo Gallery
Fall at the Refuge

Geese landing on Lake Redington The clear blue skies and crisp autumn air indicate that harvest season is here!  Migrant birds call out overhead and critters scurry underfoot, busily preparing for the upcoming winter, surrounded by the loveliest colors of the year.

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteers Joe DiGiovanni, Ed Grimes, and Steve Noyes. Photo captions indicate the photographer via initials - [jd], [eg], [sn].

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Goose Pond mirrors trees starting to show color.   [sn]
Snowy egret on Redington Lake  [eg]
Great blue heron at North Track  [eg]
Praying mantis  [eg]
Monarch caterpillar [jd]
Monarch chrysalis with morning dew  [jd, 2013]
Monarch chrysalis after about 14 days - See what's inside. [jd, 2010]
Gray Tree Frog  [jd]
Grey tree frog - able to camouflage itself by showing the color of where it sits  [eg]
Colorful mushroom  [sn]
Barred owl  [eg]
Whitetail doe [eg]
Looking across Lake Redington to the Visitor Center  [sn]
Oaks on drive to Visitor Center  [eg]
Welcome to the Festival [eg]
North Tract Contact Station [jd]

Patuxent Research Refuge
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