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Junior Duck Stamp Judging 2012

Maryland contest entries In 2012, Patuxent Research Refuge hosted judging for two Junior Duck Stamp Competitions - state competition and national competition. The Junior Duck Stamp program encourages students to learn about waterfowl, wetland ecology, and wildlife conservation. Students are encouraged to research a waterfowl species, depict it in an artistic media, and enter the Junior Duck Stamp competition for their state.

State 2012 competitions - for both Maryland and the District of Columbia - were held March 29th. Best of Show for Maryland and for the District of Columbia were selected from hundreds of entries. Judges for the competition: Jessica Helmbold, Charlotte Kilchenstein, Jorge Coppen, Sandy Spencer, Gary Carver,

National 2012 competition was held April 20. The national Champion was selected from 53 "Best of Show" entries each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Judges for the competition: Dr. Donald H. Messersmith, Chandler S. Robbins, Joseph Hauptman, Donnie Satchell, Francis Sweet

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteer Ed Grimes.

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Maryland contest coordinator Susn Minter (center) with FWS employee
Contest judges enjoying renewing acquaintance
Contest coordinator gives instructions to judges
Judges select winners by placing a maker.  Selected entries continue to the next round of judging.

Judges reviewing top-ranked entries
Judging for best of category
Judges score entries to award Best of Show
Contest judges and Maryland Best of Show.  Judges: Jessica Helmbold, Charlotte Kilchenstein,  Jorge Coppen, Sandy Spencer, Gary Carver.
Maryland Best of Show - hooded merganser by Michelle Hu
District of Columbia Best of Show - wood duck by Emma Floyd

Best of Show winners on display at Patuxent Research Refuge
Some of state Best of Show winners
Welcome to the National Competition provided by Michael Kreger, Brad Knudsen, and Gregory Smith
Competition finalist entry on display for judges
Panel of judges -  
Donnie Satchel, Joseph Hauptman, Dr. Donald Messersmith, Franics Sweet, Chandler S. Robbins- score a finalist entry
Winner of 2012 Junior Duck Stamp Competition - northern pintail painted by Christine Clayton of  Sidney, Ohio
National Champion - Northern pintail by Christine Clayton, Ohio

Patuxent Research Refuge
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