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Patuxent Research Refuge
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Honey Harvest Festival 2011

Bees on a hive frame Maryland State Beekeepers Association partnering with the Patuxent Research Refuge and the Friends of Patuxent sponsored the 2011 Annual Maryland Honey Harvest Festival on September 17, 2011.

Visitors of all ages learned about the busy world of bees and other pollinators while enjoying open-hive demonstrations, honey tastings, arts and crafts, face painting, wildlife conservation tram tours and much more!

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteer Ed Grimes.

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Festival sponsored by the Maryland State Beekeepers Association, Inc.
Honey tasting and honey offered for sale.
Beeswax offered in bulk and made into candles, Christmas trees decorations, etc.
USGS exhbit shows benefits of native plants and native bees in your own backyard.
Volunteers all set for crafts and face-painting for kids.
Lots of kids doing bee-related crafts
Crane Cafe crew offers food and snacks.
"AP & the Banty Roosters" provide music to people relaxing over lunch.
"AP & the Banty Roosters" provide music to people relaxing over lunch.
Hive used for live activities
Demonstration using smoke to calm bees
Spectators watch live demonstrations.
Bee keeper shows frame from hive.
Demonstrating how to stay safe around bees
Bees on a hive frame
Close up! - Bees on a hive frame

Patuxent Research Refuge
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