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Patuxent Research Refuge
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Kids Fishing Day 2011

"I got a bite!" Kids Fishing Day, June 11, 2011 - Patuxent hosted more than 75 happy anglers - and - their families and friends. Activities were targeted for kids 15-and-under with little or no fishing experience. The refuge supplied equipment, coaching in casting and fish handling followed by fishing on Cash Lake or Lake Redington. Many kids caught their first fish here at Patuxent!

Photographs courtesy of FWS Volunteer Ed Grimes and Staff member Nell Baldacchino. Photo captions indicate the photographer via initials - [eg], [nb].

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National Wildlife Visitor Center - Volunteers ready to register kids on Kids Fishing Day [eg]
Registration in progres [eg]
Cash Lake - Rods and reels ready to go [eg]
Staff member explains fishing procedures [eg]
Lots of kids fishing on the Cash Lake pier [eg]
Cash Lake pier [eg]

First catch of the day [eg]
Fishing at Lake Redington dam [eg]
Fishing at Lake Redington dam [eg]
Fishing at Lake Redington Dam [nb]

Look what I caught! [eg]
This fish is a large mouth bass. [eg]
Look what I caught [nb]
Look what I caught [nb]

Patuxent Research Refuge
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