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Partners for Fish and Wildlife Accomplishments

  • Wetlands
  • Grasslands
  • Endangered Species Habitat
  • Stream Bank Fencing
  • Stream Bank Stabilization
  • In-stream Restoration
  • Fish Spawning Marshes
  • Outdoor Classrooms for Educational Facilities
  • Invasive Species Projects

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Accomplishments from 1990 to 2009:

  • 14,885 acres of Wetland Habitat Restored
  • 5,281 acres of Grassland Habitat Restored
  • 57.2 miles of Riparian Habitat Restored
  • 1364 Sites Completed
  • Over 40 partners have assisted the PFW in accomplishing its goals. Our partners include twelve different Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Land Trusts, Local Governments, State Universities and other educational facilities. Ducks Unlimited is our largest partner, contributing over $30,000 per year to the program. The most important partner is the landowner, without whom this program would not exist.


    The amount of interest by private landowners to restore wildlife habitat on their land continues to increase in New York State. There are over 2100 landowners enrolled in the program with at least 50 new contacts each year. The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program continues to expand its restoration capabilities. Fish spawning marshes are being restored on the St. Lawrence River. Invasive species projects such as purple loosestrife removal continue to be a priority for the program. The program will continue to restore wetland, grassland, riparian and other wildlife habitat throughout New York State.

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