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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Partners program is an invaluable resource for landowners who wish to restore and conserve their property for wildlife. Counties, municipalities, and private citizens can partner with the U.S. Fish and WIldlife Service as well as with other Federal and State agencies to help maintain healthy ecosystems in New Jersey. The key principle in these partnerships is cost sharing that is both financial and "in kind." For example, a county might contribute money and some equipment, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation might provide funding, and the New Jersey Field Office might offer labor and technical expertise. Find out more about the Partners program in New Jersey.

Read about what the New Jersey Partner's Program is doing on the Northeast Region's Partners page.

The recently completed dam removal of Finesville Dam was a collaboration of the USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife program and a variety of federal and State agencies and committed conservation organizations.

Beth Freiday begins work with the excavator.
Credit: Evan Madlinger/USDA


Brian Marsh

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Learn More About the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program from a National Perspective.

Partnerships and Habitat Restoration Fact Sheets


Last updated: June 30, 2015
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