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Maryland Fishery Resources Office Staff

Steve Minkkinen Project Leader, Mid-Atlantic Aquatic Nuisance Species Council, Atlantic Sturgeon Recovery, American Eel Restoration, ASMFC Striped Bass technical committee, shad and herring restoration 410-573-4506 biologist with sturgeon
Mike Mangold Assistant Project Leader, Atlantic Sturgeon Cooperative Tagging Program, Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) Region 5 Coordinator and Instructor 410-573-4509 biologist holding catfish
Myra (Jody) Heineman Administrative Assistant 410-573-4512 Admin Assistant
John Gill Fisheries Biologist, fish habitat restoration, wetland restoration, shad and herring restoration, ASMFC habitat committee 410-573-4511 Biologist on boat
Julie Devers Fisheries Biologist, freshwater mussel monitoring, American Eel restoration, fish passage program, Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership, Horseshoe Crab Cooperative Tagging Program 410-573-4508 Biologist holding freshwater mussels
Joshua Newhard Fisheries Biologist, snakehead monitoring, Striped Bass Cooperative Tagging Program, American shad restoration, American Eel Restoration, ASMFC Menhaden Technical Committee 410-573-4503 biologist on boat




Last updated: February 13, 2015
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