Northeast Region
Conserving the Nature of America

The Northeast Region

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Northeast Region encompasses 13 states from Maine to Virginia. More than 66 million people, about a quarter of the nation's population, live within this area, where the Service's nearly 1,000 employees work in the regional headquarters, field offices, national wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries. Many of these 140 facilities are open to visitors and provide exciting opportunities for wildlife-dependent education, recreation and interpretation. The headquarters for the Northeast Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is in Hadley, Massachusetts.

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Address and phone numbers

Northeast Regional Office
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
300 Westgate Center Drive
Hadley, MA 01035-9587

(413) 253-8200
(413) 253-8308 Fax
Federal Relay Service for the deaf and hard-of-hearing: (800) 877-8339

Northeast Region Staff Directory

Regional Director Wendi Weber 413-253-8300
Deputy Regional Director Deborah Rocque, Ph.D. 413-253-8301
Assistant Regional Director, Budget and Administration Henry Chang 413-253-8613
Deputy Assistant Regional Director Donna Stovall 413-253-8220
Chief, Budget and Finance Chris Nolan 413-253-8227
Chief, Contracting and General Services Lisa Virgilio 413-253-8243
Chief, Diversity and Civil Rights Samir Davé 413-253-8317
Chief, Engineering Donna Stovall (acting) 413-253-8220
Chief, Information Technology Management Eric McVey 413-253-8330
Chief, Human Resources Management Dawn Callahan 413-253-8256
Chief, Safety and Occupational Health John Guiel 413-253-8311
Assistant Regional Director, Ecological Services Paul Phifer, Ph.D. 413-253-8304
Deputy Assistant Regional Director Spencer Simon 413-253-8578
Ecological Services Special Assistant Diane Lynch 413-253-8628
Coordinator, Partners for Fish & Wildlife, Farm Bill Steve Hill 413-253-8614
Chief, Coastal Program Stewart Fefer 207-781-8364
Chief, Environmental Contaminants Division Tim Fannin 413-253-8646
Chief, Threatened and Endangered Species Division Martin Miller 413-253-8615
Assistant Regional Director, External Affairs Kyla Hastie 413-253-8325
Deputy Assistant Regional Director and Congressional Liaison Christine Eustis 413-253-8321
Chief, Public Affairs Terri Edwards 413-253-8324
Assistant Regional Director, Fisheries Sherry White 413-253-8402
Deputy Assistant Regional Director Bill Archambault 413-253-8495
Special Agent in Charge, Law Enforcement Honora Gordon 413-253-8340
Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Law Enforcement Neil Mendelsohn 413-253-8341
Assistant Regional Director, Migratory Birds Pamela Toschik 413-253-8610
Chief, Bird Habitat Programs (Joint Ventures) Mitch Hartley 413-253-8779
Chief, Bird Population Programs Scott Johnston 413-253-8557
Chief, Permits Branch Valerie Slocumb 413-253-8541
Chief, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Vacant 413-253-8501
Regional Chief, National Wildlife Refuge System Scott Kahan 413-253-8245
Deputy Regional Chief Sharon Marino 413-253-8579
Refuges Program Supervisor/North Vacant  
Refuges Program Supervisor/South Anne Sittauer 413-253-8553
Division Chief, Refuge Field Support Deborah Long 413-253-8568
Regional Chief, Refuge Law Enforcement Gary Andres 413-253-8517
Office of Budget Jeff Momot 413-253-8639
Division Chief, Realty Joe McCauley 413-253-8590
Branch Chief, Appraisals and Realty Management Bill Porter 413-253-8571
Regional Land Surveyor Michael Hayden 413-253-8535
Assistant Regional Director, Science Applications Ken Elowe, Ph.D. 413-253-8273
Regional Scientist Rick Bennett, Ph.D. 413-253-8273
North Atlantic LCC Coordinator Andrew Milliken 413-253-8269
Appalachian LCC Coordinator Jean Brennan, Ph.D. 540-553-4337

Last updated: August 27, 2014