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Office of Law Enforcement | Millville, NJ

The Millville, New Jersey USFWS Office of Law Enforcement serves as a satellite office for the Elizabeth, NJ RAC district. Millville is a small community located in southwestern New Jersey. It is 74 miles southwest of Trenton, 36 miles west of Atlantic City, and 46 miles southeast of Philadelphia, PA.

Southern New Jersey is ecologically diverse and provides a variety of habitats that support populations of federally listed species such as the Bog Turtle, Piping Plover and Swamp Pink. There are also a number of state-listed species which are native to the 1.1 million acres of pinelands located on the coastal plains in southern/central New Jersey including the Pine Snake, Timber Rattle Snake and Eastern Kingsnake. The Delaware Bay shore located in southwestern New Jersey is comprised of salt marshes and tidal flats. This area is a breeding ground for horseshoe crabs and many other aquatic species. It also supports a large oystering industry as well. Waterfowl hunting is popular along the eastern and western shores of the state.

The Special Agent assigned to the Millville office regularly conducts high priority cases involving endangered and threatened species, state-listed species, and migratory birds. These investigations involve the take and destruction of endangered and threatened species habitat, the unlawful take of migratory birds by hunting and industry, and the unlawful commercialization of endangered and threatened species as well as other trust species. This office works closely with the New Jersey USFWS Ecological Services field office and New Jersey Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement.


New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

APHIS/USDA New Jersey Veterinary Services Office
NJFWS, licensed wildlife rehabilitators of NJ
lists by species and counties

You can also contact the Resident Agent in Charge located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, which oversees this office.

Last updated: April 15, 2011

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