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Northeast Fishery Center Staff

Fish Health Center
John Coll - Project Leader
(570) 726 - 6611 x 221
Wild Fish Health Survey
Fish Health Center Staff

Fish Health Unit Staff (left to right): Rich Gunsallus, John Coll, Bill Quartz, Gavin Glenney, Patricia Barbash (Photo Credit: USFWS - NEFC)

Patricia Barbash
(570) 726 - 6611 x 222
Polymerase Chain Reaction

Gavin Glenney
(570) 726-6611 x 223

Polymerase Chain Reaction

William Quartz
(570) 726-6611 x 224
Cell Culture
Wild Fish Health Survey
Richard Gunsallus
(570) 726-6611 x 227
Christina Cappelli
(570) 726-6611 x 226
Fish Health Technician
Fish Technology Center/Population Ecology Branch
Mike Millard
(570) 726-4247 x 113
Center Director
Population Ecology
Statistical Analysis
Experimental Design
Fish Tech Center Staff

Fish Tech Center Staff (left to right): Tom Bryerton, Pat Farrell (retired), Tina Eisenhower, John (Bill) Fletcher (retired), Jerre Mohler, Tom Kehler, Steve Davis, Mike Millard (Photo Credit: USFWS - NEFC)

Population Ecology Staff

Population Ecology Staff (left to right): Shannon Julian, John Sweka, Jeff Kalie, Meredith Bartron (Photo Credit: USFWS - NEFC)


Meredith Bartron
(570) 726-4247 x 155
Chief - Fish Technology Center/Population Ecology Branch
Genetic Analysis and Monitoring
Genetic Protocols and Policies
Tina Eisenhower
(570) 726-4247 x 112
Administrative Assistant
Budget and Finance
Station Information

Steve Davis
(570) 726-4247 x 115

Fish Culture
Facility Maintenance

Thomas Kehler
(570) 726-4247 x 117
Fish Culture
Facility Maintenance

Brian Layton
(570) 726-4247 x 121

Fish Culture
Facility Maintenance
Thomas Bryerton
(570) 726-4247 x 118
Facility Maintenance
Biological Program and Project Support
Shannon Julian
(570) 726-4247 x 151
Genetics Lab Manager
Genetic Analysis
Jeff Kalie
(570) 726-4247 x 152
Genetics Lab Technician
Genetic Analysis
Field Technician
John Sweka
(570) 726-4247 x 153

Biostatistics/Study Design
Stock Assessment
Population Dynamics
GIS Applications

Greg Jacobs
(570) 726-4247 x 154
Fish Population Biology
Field Technician

Neihl Williamson
(570) 726-4247 x 156

Genetics Lab Technician
Delaware/Susquehanna River Coordinator Offices
Jerre Mohler
(570) 726-4247 x 116
Delaware River Coordinator
Sturgeon Culture
Fish Marking Technology
Freshwater Mussels
Tank Spawning American Shad

Delaware River Coordinator, Jerre Mohler, placing American Shad into a tank for spawning. (Photo Credit: USFWS - NEFC)

Interim Coordinator
(570) 726-4247 x 122

Susquehanna River Coordinator



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