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Summer flounder
summer flounder

Summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus)

Life History

Summer flounder weigh up 26 pounds and grow to just over 3 feet in length. Females may live three times longer than males or 20 years old. Few males live to 7 years and weigh more than 5 pounds. Both genders become sexually mature at 3 years old. The number of eggs produced is a function of the adult female size. Spawning occurs in the fall peaking between September and November off the New York and New Jersey coasts.


Coastal waters from the Gulf of Maine to Florida.

Fun Facts

  • The Summer flounder is also known as “fluke”.
  • Summer flounder are “a left-handed fish” because the eyes are on the upper left part of the fluke’s head.
  • Like other fish, they match their body color to the color of habitat bottom where they live.

More Information

Summer and Winter Flounder Species Profiles (pdf - 922KB)

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Last updated: December 16, 2011
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