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Shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum)

Life History

Shortnose sturgeon spawn and live in freshwater streams but may move to the estuaries of these large natal rivers to feed. They mature at 6-10 years and may spawn more than once. They are spring spawners but require moderate flows. They feed continuously from the bottom of the stream.


Canada to Florida - including nine rivers in CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NJ, NY, PA and VA.

Fun Facts

  • Shortnose sturgeon were listed as endangered on March 11, 1967.
  • Sturgeon do not have scales like other fish, they have bony plates or scutes that cover their bodies. The scutes on shortnose sturgeon are smooth.
  • Shortnose sturgeon are the smallest sturgeon on the East Coast. Adults are only 2-4 feet long with an average weight of about 14 pounds.

More Information

Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon Species Profiles (pdf - 2.39MB)

Images showing the difference between the Atlantic sturgeon and the shortnose sturgeon (ppt - 30.77MB)

Proposed Listing Determinations for Three Distinct Population Segments of Atlantic Sturgeon in the Northeast Region (pdf - 1.34MB)

Final Recovery Plan for the Shortnose Sturgeon - December 1998 (pdf - 225KB)

Video of sturgeon (mov - 15.75MB)

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Last updated: December 16, 2011
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