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Aquatic Habitat

Moose reservoir. Credit: USFWS
Moose reservoir. Credit: USFWS

Learn more about the diverse aquatic habitats in the northeast!

Aquatic Species Profiles

The Northeast Region Fisheries Program developed a list of Species of Conservation and Management Concern to help focus the agency efforts. These are the fish and mussels that we work to conserve. The list of species was established with consideration for our federal authority and responsibility, the likelihood that our conservation measures would make a difference to the resource, that our efforts would be complemented and supported by our partners, and the likelihood for social or economic benefits for the public. In order to help you get to know these creatures, the list of species (below) is linked to other sources of information, photos and videos.

Blackside dace. Credit: USFWS
Blackside dace. Credit: USFWS

Common name (Latin name)

Species Profiles

NatureServe is a non-profit organization that provides a great deal of information on rare an endangered species through a website called NatureServe Explorer ( Data searches on the common or Latin name of fish and freshwater mussels yield a variety of information and references covering topics including species status, distribution, and life history. This is a handy tool for gaining a quick perspective on species of conservation and management concern in the Northeast

Fish Count

Biologist holding a sea lamprey. Credit: USFWS
Biologist holding a sea lamprey. Credit: USFWS

Migrating species of fish are often counted as they pass dams on major rivers and even on some tributaries.

You can follow the status of these fish runs at the following websites:

Connecticut River

Connecticut River daily and historic counts are listed under the Recreational Fishing tab at:

Merrimack River

Maine Rivers

The Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission posts trap counts for Maine rivers:

Fish commission train car in 1898. Credit: USFWS
Fish commission train car in 1898. Credit: USFWS

Historic Tales

Learn about the history of fisheries in the northeast:

Fisheries History

Blue Pike in Lake Erie

President Eisenhower & Furnace Brook

Jim Holway - Evolution in the Art of Fish Husbandry

Spencer Fullerton Baird


News of the Weird

Fisheries biologists hard at work...

Biologist at work Biologist being silly Biologists being silly

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Last updated: February 28, 2012
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