Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Northeast Region

1730 Eastern Neck Rd.
Rock Hall, MD 21661
(410) 639-7056

Hunting Opportunities

Hunting is a wildlife management tool used to control some animal populations and is also a congressionally mandated priority public use. Hunters must obtain a refuge permit, as well as all applicable state licenses and permits.

Youth Turkey Hunting Information

Eastern Neck NWR announces 2014 Youth Turkey Hunts: applicants should click on ALL THREE of the following links.

Turkey hunting is increasing in popularity among hunters and economic importance to local communities.

Deer Hunting Information

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge has held an annual white-tailed deer hunt since the refuge was first staffed in 1966. The hunt serves not only to manage the deer herd and protect refuge habitats, but also to provide wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities for many. For details on deer management at Eastern Neck NWR, please click here.

Last updated: March 17, 2014