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Biologists check if Maine culverts allow fish passage An example of a round culvert that restricts fish movement
$1.6 million will support community-based projects improving the health of Long Island Sound Restoring homes for New England cottontails
Restoring fish access to 535 acres of lake habitat map of project area and Flanders Stream watershed
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Coastal Program Offices in the Northeast Connect with Us
We have four Coastal Program offices in the Northeast.

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What we do

The Coastal Program mission is to work with others to protect, restore and enhance coastal fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for public benefit. To achieve our mission, we:

  • leverage funds to maximize on-the-ground results,
  • build partnerships to achieve more than we could on our own,
  • strategically identify and prioritize coastal habitats and threats, and
  • share our expertise in conservation biology, habitat protection and restoration, GIS data and analysis, education, and obtaining funding.

Four Coastal Program offices work along the extensive coastline from Maine to Virginia. We partner with other federal agencies, state agencies, local and tribal governments, businesses, conservation organizations and private landowners.

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