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Eastern cougar

Hear endangered species biologist Mark McCollough discuss his work on the cougar review

  1. What was the conclusion of the five-year review? (Quicktime 8 mb, duration 00:41)
  2. Why did the Service initiate a review, and what is its next step? (Quicktime 16 mb, duration 01:28)
  3. Does genetic research suggest there is only one North American subspecies? (Quicktime 35 mb, duration 03:16)
  4. How are subspecies determined? (Quicktime 14 mb, duration 01:16)
  5. What are the characteristics of the eastern cougar subspecies? (Quicktime 12 mb, duration 01:06)
  6. If comprehensive research finds there is only one North American subspecies, what implications does that have on endangered species listing? (Quicktime 13 mb, duration 01:10)
  7. What about reports of cougars in the East? (Quicktime 40 mb, duration 03:34)
  8. Should the Service extend protection to cougars that venture to the East? (Quicktime 16 mb, duration 01:25)
  9. What are the last records of eastern cougars? (Quicktime 18 mb, duration 01:37)
  10. What is the status of other cougar populations? (Quicktime 10 mb, duration 00:54)
  11. Will cougars expand their range back into the East? (Quicktime 7 mb, duration 00:36)
  12. What is the history of cougars in the East? (Quicktime 16 mb, duration 01:21)
  13. Why was the eastern cougar listed as endangered? (Quicktime 13 mb, duration 01:08)
  14. What are the consequences of not having cougars in the East? (Quicktime 10 mb, duration 00:52)
  15. Will the Service reintroduce cougars to the East? (Quicktime 36 mb, duration 03:16)

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Last updated: December 21, 2011