Diversity and Civil Rights
Northeast Region

Office of Diversity and Civil Rights

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

A diverse and inclusive workforce leads to a successful organization. A diverse workforce is more innovative, resourceful and productive when it includes diversity of skills, perspectives, ideas and backgrounds. The Northeast Region Office of Diversity and Civil Rights is dedicated to helping Service employees reach their career goals and accomplish the Service mission in a unified and balanced work environment.

The following are links to inspiring messages and tools that deliver an important message of the value the FWS places on creating a diverse and inclusive team throughout its workforce.

Diversity Recruitment in the Northeast Region - You Tube Video

Diversity Is Our Strength - You Tube Video

Championing Diversity - You Tube Video

It Gets Better - DOI You Tube Video

Fair and Equal Treatment Factsheet

Career Discovery Internship Program (CDIP) Factsheet

Last updated: May 17, 2012