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9/16/2011: NOAA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Revise Loggerhead Sea Turtle Listing
9/14/2011: Fish and Wildlife Service Posts Supplementary Materials on Gray Wolf in the Eastern United States
9/14/2011: Interior Secretary Announces more than $20 Million for Wetlands Grants for Migratory Birds, More than $9 Million for Wi...
9/9/2011: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Makes Donation, Scholarship Matching Grant to Honor September 11 Hero Richard Gua...
9/9/2011: Service Expands Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on 10 Refuges Across the Nation
9/7/2011: AMERICA’S GREAT OUTDOORS: Salazar Unveils Proposed Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area
9/2/2011: Service Announces Bald Eagles Nesting in Sonoran Desert Area of Central Arizona Removed from the List of Endangered and...
9/2/2011: North American Waterfowl Management Plan Revision Available for Public Review and Comment
9/1/2011: North American Waterfowl Management Plan Revision Available for Public Review and Comment
8/31/2011: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Initiates Review of the Chimpanzee’s Status
8/31/2011: Service Hosts National Public Lands Day Events at Refuges Nationwide
8/25/2011: Fish and Wildlife Service Reopens Comment Period on Revising the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife for the Gra...
8/24/2011: Waterfowl Hunters Look Forward to a Good Season on Refuges
8/24/2011: Salazar Announces $53 Million in Grants to Support Habitat Acquisition and Conservation Planning for Endangered Species
8/23/2011: Fish Habitat Benefits from More Than $3 Million in Funding
8/15/2011: Salazar Announces Successful Recovery of Lake Erie Watersnake
8/11/2011: Six Foreign Bird Species Receive Endangered Species Act Protection
8/9/2011: Fish and Wildlife Service Releases Finding on Four Parrot Species
8/9/2011: Fish and Wildlife Service Emergency Lists Miami Blue Butterfly as Endangered
8/4/2011: Conservation Success: Tennessee Purple Coneflower Delisted
8/3/2011: Salazar, Ashe Finalize Agreement with Wyoming on Revised Gray Wolf Management Plan
7/28/2011: Waterfowl Hunting Proposed Late Season Frameworks
7/20/2011: Gregory Sieckaniec Appointed New Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
7/18/2011: Whitebark Pine to be Designated a Candidate for Endangered Species Protection
7/14/2011: AMERICA’S GREAT OUTDOORS: Salazar Announces New Initiative to Support Coalition-Based Conservation
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