Open Spaces: Service Sound Off - Friday, June 15, 2012

Service Sound Off - Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to Service Sound Off, a weekly round up of what's been going on in and around the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service! Every Friday, we'll supply you with the best news and info you'll need before heading out the door for the weekend.

And now, a disclaimer! We can't gather all of these lovely tidbits ourselves, so some of our links will take you away from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife website. We will never knowingly link to anything malicious, but we are obliged to tell you to be careful out there.

This week in the Service we ...

... Learned that some gorgeous flowers and plants are in danger. Forty -- yes, that many -- species of plants and animals are in danger on Moloka'i, L?na'i, and Maui in Hawaii. The Service is working to designate critical habitats to keep these glorious flora and fauna from disappearing.

... Decommissioned a dam. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar joined partners to begin removal of the Great Works Dam in Maine. Getting rid of this structure on the Penobscot River will help restore it, though the project is going to take several years.

... Kept the dunes sagebrush lizard off the Endangered Species list. Partnerships between local landowners and state officials helped ensure this reptile is not in danger of extinction.

And in other news ...

... It seems that humans aren't the only ones who can become disatisfied with their mates. After 115 years -- yes, you read that correctly -- two turtles at an Austrian zoo have decided to part ways.

... Social networking is for the birds. No, really! Researchers at Oxford University say birds, much like humans, form tight-knit circles of friends -- kinda like some humans do on Facebook.

... Headbutting lets some fish score with the opposite sex. Male bumphead parrotfish actually use their bony brows to vie for female attention -- and now there's video of it!

Pic of the Week



(Photo: Jaret C. Daniels, Florida Museum of Natural History)

This beautiful, endangered Schaus swallowtail butterfly's populations are on the decline ... but we're working with the National Park Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the University of Florida to try and save this gorgeous insect. Learn more about the emergency action ... and don't forget -- next week is Pollinator Week!


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