Interviews with Citizens and Partners
Working to Restore Freshwater Mussels and the Watersheds of Southwest Virginia

June 16 and 17, 2005

A successful effort such as the Clinch River mussel reintroduction requires the efforts of many organizations, landowners, and citizens. Here are some thoughts of various partners working on watershed issues in the Clinch River Valley.


video image Elizabeth Smith, Teacher - Tazewell County
video image Student Angela Cornwell, Tazewell County, Va.

video image Dick Neves - USGS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute




video photo Dave Johnson, Highland Diary Farm, Glade Springs, Va.

Federal Agencies

video image Karen Mayne - USFWS, Welcomes new partners

video image John Schmerfeld, USFWS, Biologist with Division of Environmental Contaminants


Shannon O'Quinn - Tennessee Valley Authority

State Agencies

video imageBetty Edmondson and Leo Snead,
Virginia Department of Transportation

video image Rick Weeks - Virginia Division of Environmental Quality



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