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Chalk Creek Reseeding Project

A lightning strike sparked a wildfire
that rapidly burned 2,000 acres of grasslands in the Chalk Creek Watershed.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Utah Foundation for Quality Resource Management (Chalk Creek Chapter), and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation joined with the Utah Partners Program to provide funding and to restore the burn area.

Native grasses and forbs were planted in the ground using a grass seeding drill. Tame grasses and forbs were dispersed through aerial seeding.from a small plane

Of the 2,000 acres that burned, 1,700 acres were successfully reseeded.

photo showing biologists loading bags of seed onto the airplane area photo of the burn site after restoration
photo showing the grass drill reseeding the area
photo showing the grasses and forbs starting to fill in   photo showing the valley with vegetation again
Photos courtesy of Ken Clegg.

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