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Riparian Restoration Project in the Bear River Watershed
before photo, August 2002 Before restoration
August 2002

The Partners Program is working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Conservation Districts, Environmental Protection Agency, Forest Service, Idaho Game and Fish, and Utah Division of Wildlife to improve habitat along Bear River. A joint effort has resulted in the removal of a feedlot that was located adjacent to the river. This project will decrease the amount of nutrients entering the system and is a demonstration project for other landowners located along the Bear River and tributaries.

Restoration Work

Sloping and restailizing the streambanks, September 2002.

     regrading the stream bank, September 2002

Installing log structures in the stream, September and October 2002.


closeup photo showing a log in a trench

photo showing large logs being delivered by dumptruck
logs are being installed in the stream photo

photo of the logs in place under the surface of the water, October 2002    

Log structures were used to enhance fish habitat by increasing flow, creating riffles and pools, restoring gravel spawning beds, and increasing fish access. They also provided bank stability, aiding in restoration of riparian vegetation, and created channels to break up storm flow energy.

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