bullet Private Lands Partners Day

Private Lands Day will be hosted in Baggs, Wyoming June 18-20th, 2013. It will be a very successful event, with presentations given by private lands biologists and their state, nongovernmental, tribal, and private landowner partners. Eight of nine Service regions will berepresented along with over 30 states.

The volume of work accomplished and the scope of Partners for Fish and Wildlife biologists' initiative in addressing Federal Trust Species habitat opportunities are illustrated in this website.

The Partners Program works with private landowners across the region to control and eradicate invasive species in native grasslands, riparian areas, and streams.

bullet Partners for Fish and Wildlife Work with Imperiled Native Fish

The major goal of the Partners for Fish and Wildlife's work with imperiled native fish is to sustain native fish populations through habitat restoration using methods that are fully compatible with traditional rural lifestyles and profitable agriculture.

A sample township (36 square miles) illustrates an integrated habitat restoration approach to restoring wildlife habitat.   Habitat restoration options include private land agreements, easements, and acquisitions.  All are important to appeal to different landowners and to amplify habitat benefits.

bullet KIDS! The Paddy O'Mallard Story

A children's picture book for kids and grown-ups alike!

More fun activities for KIDS!!

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