Private Lands Partners Day

Upcoming June 19th-20th, 2013

Bill Sprawl, speaker at Private Lands Day (with the Tallgrass Legacy Alliance)Partners for Conservation (PFC) and the Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) program will host a Private Lands Partners Day event the week of June 17th. Over 100 participants are expected and included private landowners from over 36 different states across the country and 8 of 9 Service regions are expected to be represented.

The gathering will started by warm welcome from Wyoming hosts and presentations from PFW staff will highlight the incredible strength of the program and its many partners. Senior Service Leadership will round-out a wonderful morning with a presentation. The afternoon will be spent touring the amazing landscape of the Little Snake River Watershed and partnership projects.

Day 2 will bring incredible testimonials from private landowners who have participated with PFW on voluntary private lands activities. The event will showcase a collaborative conversation between the PFW program and the Partners for Conservation (PFC) group about the direction of private lands conservation in the U.S.



Keynote Speaker, Kit Kimball, from the Department of the Interior

FWS photo


Davis Ranch tour



Landowner, Lyle Davis, Nephew Michael, and private lands biologist Katy Fitzgerald

FWS Photo