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Wetland Restoration in Sioux County

Project area map showing Sioux County

In April 1996, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel built a water-control structure, designed in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Nine-foot sheet pilings were driven into the ground across a fifty-foot wide drainage outlet.  The pilings intercept groundwater, keeping it from flowing out. A four-foot tall weir was then cut and capped, limiting the ponded area to four surface acres.

Construction site with pilings being installed
Construction site with pilings
being installed.
Pilings are in place
Pilings are in place.
Construction is complete
Construction is complete.
The landowner's goal is realized; waterfowl habitat is improved with minor disruption to livestock management. The result is a picture perfect partnership that will benefit wildlife for many years to come.  Completed wetland creation

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