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Riparian Restoration in the Nebraska Sandhills
A partnership to restore and develop wildlife habitat
and improve water quality on private lands

Restore Native Flora along a
Tributary of the Wild and Scenic Niobrara River

Approximately 1.75 miles of stream, including the adjacent 142 acres of riparian habitat intermixed with timbered canyons and native prairie grassland, were restored.  Livestock were excluded and undesirable cedar trees were removed from the riparian area.  Alternative watering sites were strategically located to better distribute livestock utilization within the adjacent 1,720-acres grazing unit which resulted in improved grassland conditions.


  • Protection and stabilization of streambanks
  • Improved water quality (reduced sediment load)
  • Water storage
  • Slowed flood flows
  • Increased summer stream flow
  • Habitat for various wildlife species including neotropical migrants
  • Improved cattle management


Private Landowner
Board of Educational Lands and Funds of Nebraska
Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"Before" view of the riparian restoration site

"After" view of the stream restoration

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