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Cannonball River Watershed Project
in Southwestern North Dakota
Cannonball River Watershed map

Funding Partners

121 Private Landowners National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Ducks Unlimited U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
North Dakota Wetland Trust


  • Restored 15 wetlands - 77 acres
  • Created 179 wetlands - 759 acres
  • Enhanced 45 miles of instream/riparian habitat
  • Installed 26 permanent waterfowl nesting structures
  • 20 to 30-year Wildlife Extension Agreements
2-acre wetland creation photo

Sample Project

Headwaters Wetland Creations
Adams County, North Dakota


  • Develop more secure and permanent duck brood habitat.

  • Diversify wetland habitat for marsh, shore, and wading bird production and migrational use.

  • Flood retention and storm surge reduction to protect existing pools and natural riparian habitat.

Project location map
33-acre wetland creation photo
37-acre wetland creation photo
17-acre wetland creation photo with shorebirds

Semi-permanent wetland creation
The original 33-acre site was grassland used as pasture for livestock grazing.  An earthen embankment was installed and the embankment equipped with a water control structure to facilitate management of the created wetland.

Semi-permanent wetland creation
The 37-acre brood marsh provides seasonal wetland habitat for spring migrating shorebirds, wading birds and waterfowl.  It also provides additional breeding pair habitat for nesting waterfowl, godwits, willets, and avocets.  Ducks Unlimited designed and built the sheet piling water control structure.

Managed seasonal wetland creation
Waterfowl and shorebirds feed in these shallow pools which consist of 17 acres in 4 separate pools.

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