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Grantier Creek

Location map for Grantier Creek in the Blackfoot Watershed

Grantier Creek is a small spring fed tributary to the Blackfoot River.   It enters the upper Blackfoot River at river mile 108, one mile south of Lincoln.   The perennial section of the spring creek is 1.2 miles in length.  The stream originates on the Grantier Ranch from a series of spring fed ponds and seeps.  Base flows at the mouth of Grantier Spring Creek are approximately 12 cfs.

Past livestock grazing practices not sensitive to healthy stream banks and stream channels have reduced the overall quality and quantity of habitat in Grantier Spring Creek.  This stream is primarily a groundwater fed system, lacking flushing flows, except below the mouth of Poorman Creek.  In addition the channel is located in glacial outwash gravels with only limited top soil.  Without channel maintenance via flushing flows, the cleansing and recovery of the middle and upper reaches may take considerable time if left to natural process.

Grantier Spring Creek was the first large stream restoration project implemented in the Blackfoot River drainage as part of this fishery project.  Initial work was completed in the spring of 1991 on the upper system.  Stream channel restoration was completed on 1.1 miles of E4 stream type with most of the activity involved in narrowing the channel, constructing pools, and planting bank cover vegetation.    All five ponds were deepened in limited areas, and permanent large woody debris was added.  Permanent fish ladders/grade stabilizing structures were placed on all five ponds.  A riparian fence was constructed providing protection from improper grazing on 1.5 miles of stream and around the wetlands.

Aerial view of the Grantier Property
including wetlands and the stream.
Aerial view of Grantier Creek (including wetlands and the stream)

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