Freedom of Information Act
Mountain-Prairie Region

                                     Region 6 FOIA

The Division of Budget and Administration manages the Freedom of Information Act within the Mountain - Prairie Region.

The Region 6 FOIA Home Page contains guidance on submitting and appealing a FOIA request.  It also contains links to frequently requested information and other  Service documents.

The Service's FOIA Officer receives incoming FOIA requests and forwards them to the appropriate Program Office that handles the particular subject matter.  The Service encourages the public to send FOIA requests directly to the appropriate Regional Office.




Preliminary Steps


How to Submit a FOIA Request

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The public may request records, data and other documents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C 552).  Because the Service is a decentralized agency, most records are maintained in Serviced field Offices and our Regional Office.  Region 6 has Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officers in the Budget and Administration Regional Office, as FOIA officers directs FOIA requests to the correct program and oversees the Region 6 FWS FOIA program.
brown page divider  Service FOIA Information
  • 203 FW 1 (Policy and Responsibilities)
  • 203 FW 2 (Procedures)
  • Final Agency Directives Reading Room
  • Electronic Reading Room (Frequently Requested Information)




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Last updated: December 31, 2008