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Pallid Sturgeon Activities

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Pallid Sturgeon Species Profile

What do you do if you catch a Pallid Sturgeon

2005 Summary Report of Work Conducted on Missouri-Yellowstone River's Pallid Sturgeon 

Morphological Comparisons of Hatchery-Reared Specimens of Scaphirhynchus albus, S. platorynchus, and S. albus x S. platorynchus Hybrids, September 2001   (PDF 732kb)

Pallid Sturgeon Spawning & Stocking Summary Report 1992-2004 (May 2005)   
(PDF  3013kb)

Draft Pallid Sturgeon Annotated Bibliography (May 2004)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (April 2004)    (PDF 787kb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (February 2002)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (December 2000)    (PDF 1622kb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (May 1999)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (November 1997)   (PDF 36mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (April 1996)    (PDF 26mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (November 1993)    (PDF 19mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (May 1993)    (PDF 16mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (August 1992)    (PDF 15mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (April 1992)    (PDF 13mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (August 1991)    (PDF 13mb)

Pallid Sturgeon Update (February 2007)   (PDF 715kb)

Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Plan   (PDF 9.89mb)

        The pallid sturgeon recovery plan was finalized on November 7, 1993.

       Copies are available by contacting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or following the link above.

 Pallid Sturgeon Stocking/Augmentation Plans

Stocking/Augmentation Plans have been written for the
six priority recovery areas
.   (JPG 124kb)

   -RPA #1 & 2
       -Amendment #1
   -RPA #3
   -RPA #4 & 5
   -RPA #6

Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Team

The pallid sturgeon Recovery Team is comprised of various experts in  sturgeon biology and native river fish populations.  These individuals are responsible for developing the initial Recovery Plan for the pallid sturgeon and providing guidance and advice for recovery efforts.

Pallid Sturgeon Handling Protocols

These handling protocols are a guidance on what to do if you collect a pallid sturgeon.  Unless you are specifically permitted to work with these unique fish, the best option is to release them immediately and contact the local Fish and Wildlife Service or State Game and Fish Agency with relevant data.  For those who are permitted and working to expand our knowledge of these ancient fish, these protocols are typically included with your permit and include the data sheet with information required on each sample.  Parts of the protocols are guidelines primarily used in the propagation of these fish and will not apply to general sampling.  Any questions about these protocols may be directed to the Fish and Wildlife Service at 701-250-4419.  Please keep in mind that these protocols are constantly evolving as new information is learned and can be incorporated into the best available science.

Biological Procedures and Protocol for Collecting, Tagging, Sampling, Holding, Culture, Transporting, and Data Recording for Researchers and Managers Handling Pallid Sturgeon September 2005    (PDF 1623kb)

Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Workgroups

Providing a forum for implementing pallid sturgeon recovery activities, prioritizing research and recovery actions, providing biological information necessary for recovery and coordinating efforts are just a few of the tasks that the Recovery Workgroups accomplish.  These regional groups are comprised primarily of state and federal biologists that are conducting activities on pallid sturgeon.  Non governmental agencies and private individuals are encouraged to also get involved to promote a broad-based approach toward recovery of the pallid sturgeon.

    Upper Basin (MT, ND, SD)

    Middle Basin (NE, IA, KS, MO, IL)

    Lower Basin (LA, MS, AR, TN, KY)

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