Migratory Bird Program
Conserving the Nature of America

Conserving America’s Birds

Migratory Bird Program Goals 

Protect, restore, and manage migratory bird
populations to:

  • ensure long-term ecological sustainability
    of all migratory bird populations,
  • increase socioeconomic benefits,
  • improve hunting and birdwatching, other outdoor
    bird-related experiences,     
  • increase awareness of the value of       
    migratory birds and their habitats        
    for their intrinsic, ecological,   
    recreational and economic significance.

The Migratory Bird Program is responsible for maintaining healthy migratory bird populations for the benefit of the American people through:

  • Population Monitoring, Assessment, and
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Permits and Regulations
  • Consultation
  • Communication and Outreach
  • Recreation

What is the Migratory Bird Program of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service?

This short video gives an overview of the Migratory Bird Program and the work we do conserving America’s birds for present and future generations. 

Migratory Bird Management

Horned Grebe

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Providing global leadership in the conservation and management of migratory birds for present and future generations.

Program Fact Sheet
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Bird Habitat Conservation

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Providing leadership in the conservation of migratory bird habitat through partnerships, grants, and outreach for present and future generations.




Last updated: July 30, 2013