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For more information about the ecological problems associated with overabundant Mid-continent light goose populations, please visit the following websites .

The Canadian Wildlife Service Snow Goose Page: Provides additional information on the snow goose over-abundance issue. Items to be found at this site include fact sheets, habitat photos, goose identification aids, and an overview of snow goose hunting regulations in Canada.

The Hudson Bay Project home page provides technical and up-to-date information regarding this issue. Among other items, you can find information on the breeding grounds, satellite imagery of the degradation at La Perouse Bay, Manitoba, and banding information.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has been heavily involved in the issue of overabundant light goose populations. The Rainwater Basin Wetland Management District in Nebraska is a bottle neck for migrating light geese in the spring while also providing essential habitat for millions of other migrating birds. Large light goose concentrations have triggered several avian cholera (see National Wildlife Health Center) outbreaks in the basins resulting in the death of thousands of migratory waterfowl and other birds. Find articles on the snow goose issue at this website.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department home page. Texas is home to millions of wintering waterfowl including millions of Mid-continent lesser snow and Ross’ geese. The rich agricultural landscape in Texas affords the geese an artificial food source to get them through the winter. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has been particularly concerned about increasing light goose populations in its State and how their rapid growth affects the importance of this valuable resource to Texans. Find articles on the snow goose issue at this website.

The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center develops research information on the quantitative ecological requirements for sustainable wildlife populations, designs and conducts studies of numbers and distribution of flora and fauna including identification of change resulting from habitat loss and modification, and disseminates the latest in technical information and research findings such that interested audiences benefit to the maximum extent possible. Find related snow goose articles at this website.

The ultimate virtual goose reference library provides citations for numerous technical articles on North American goose populations.

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Last updated: April 11, 2012