Migratory Bird Program
Conserving the Nature of America

A Blueprint for the Future of
Migratory Birds
Migratory Bird Program
Strategic Plan 2004-2014

Message from the Assistant Director of Migratory Birds and State Programs

Download the Strategic Plan in it's entirety. (pdf 7,360 kb)

Table of Contents

I.  Introduction

II. Migratory Bird Program Direction (pdf 566 kb)

          A. Mission of the Service for Migratory Birds

          B. Vision of the Migratory Bird Program

          C. Operating Principles

          D. Program Priorities

          E. Program Goals

III.   Implementation Strategies (pdf 1,041 kb)

           A. Population Monitoring, Assessment, and Management

           B. Habitat Conservation

           C. Permits and Regulations

           D. Consultation, Cooperation, and Communication

           E. Recreation

IV.  Acknowledgements

V.   Appendices
           Appendix 1: Organization and Budget Structure of the Migratory Bird Program
           Appendix 2: Public Comment Process and Evolution of the Strategic Plan
           Appendix 3: Primary International Conventions and Major Domestic Legislation
           Appendix 4: Birds of Management Concern
           Appendix 5: Department of the Interior Strategic Plan and GPRA goals
           Appendix 6: Summary of the Director’s Order for Migratory Bird Conservation
           Appendix 7: Leaving a Lasting Legacy: Permits as a Conservation Tool


Last updated: April 11, 2012