Media Tip Sheet
Midwest Region

The National Fish Hatchery System

From Genoa and Iron River National Fish Hatcheries in Wisconsin to Neosho National Fish Hatchery in southwest Missouri, the National Fish Hatchery System is a major contributor to the sustainability of angling in our Great Lakes and Big Rivers region. Hatcheries are also involved in native mussel propagation and research, in addition to propagation of endangered fish species, like the historic Pallid sturgeon. Hatcheries also serve as education-oriented venues for school groups and other visitors of the community in which they serve. The Neosho National Fish Hatchery Visitor Center, resurrected in 2010 as a LEED certified facility, showcases the hatchery's historical roots as the oldest federal fish hatchery still in operation in the country.

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Last updated: April 4, 2013