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Road to Recovery: The Bald Eagle

The road to the recovery of the bald eagle is a conservation success story. Americans have witnessed the recovery of bald eagles since they were listed as an endangered species in 1973. From a low of only 417 nesting pairs in 1963, the bald eagle population in the lower 48 states has grown to a current estimate of 9,789 nesting pairs, the highest count since World War II.

The bald eagle's successful recovery is due to cooperative efforts among the Service, other federal agencies, tribes, state and local governments, conservation organizations, universities, corporations and thousands of individual Americans. The Service removed the bald eagle from the list of threatened and endangered species under the Endangered Species Act in all areas except the range of the Sonoran Desert bald eagle population, which remains protected as a threatened species. The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (Eagle Act) remains as the primary law protecting bald eagles in other parts of its range and the golden eagle.

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Last updated: April 4, 2013