Wisconsin Ecological Services Field Office

Midwest Region


Wisconsin Field Office

2661 Scott Tower Drive
Green Bay, WI 54229-9565
Phone: 920-866-1717
Fax: 920-866-1710
TTY: 1-800-877-8339
(Federal Relay)

e-mail: GreenBay@fws.gov


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Office Location and Staff Directory


Supervisor: Pete Fasbender

2661 Scott Tower Drive

New Franken, WI 54229

Map of location


Phone: 920-866-1717

Fax: 920-866-17101

TTY: 1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay)


e-mail: GreenBay@fws.gov



Pete Fasbender

Field Office Supervisor

Phone: 920-866-1725

E:mail Peter_Fasbender@fws.gov


Jeff Hemming

Office Assistant

Phone: 920-866-1731

E:mail Jeff_Hemming@fws.gov


Linda Sopp

Administrative Officer

Phone: 920-866-1727

E:mail Linda_Sopp@fws.gov


Cathy Carnes
Threatened and Endangered Species

Phone: 920-866-1732

E:mail Cathy_Carnes@fws.gov


Steven Choy

Environmental Contaminants

Phone: 608-238-9333



Betsy Galbraith
Fox River/Green Bay Natural Resource Trustee Council Coordinator
Phone: 920-866-1753
E:mail Betsy_Galbraith@fws.gov


John Riens

Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Phone: 920-866-1720

E:mail John_Riens@fws.gov


Darin Simpkins

Coastal Program

Phone: 920-866-1739

E:mail Darin_Simpkins@fws.gov


Jill Utrup

Project Plannings

Threatened and Endangered Species

Phone: 920-866-1734

E:mail Jill_Utrup@fws.gov


Nick Utrup

Hydropower Coordinator

Phone: 920-866-1736

E:mail Nick_Utrup@fws.gov


Gary VanVreede

Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Phone: 920-866-1735

E:mail Gary_VanVreede@fws.gov


Sarah Warner

Environmental Contaminants

Located in Madison

505 Science Drive

Madison, WI 53711

Phone: 608-238-9333, ext. 21

E:mail: Sarah_Warner@fws.gov


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Last updated: June 30, 2014