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Carterville Staff Contact Information

Image of Rob Simmons, Project Leader, Carterville FWCO
Rob Simmonds
Project Leader

Phone: (618) 997-6869 ext. 14

Rob works with office staff and partners to identify resource issues of mutual interest and to develop and implement strategies to address them. He is involved in all aspects of the office including Asian carp management and control, big river fish management, and sport fish management on federal lands. However, Rob's main interest is in addressing aquatic habitat issues at a landscape scale. He currently serves as the Interim Coordinator for the Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership. Prior to his current position, Rob spent 5 years as the Assistant Project Leader for the Arizona Fishery Resources Office. Rob holds an M.S. Degree in Fish and Wildlife Ecology from Oklahoma State University and a B.S. Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Lake Superior State University. Personal interests include deer and turkey hunting, and spending quality time with his wife and two kids.

Image of Sam Finney, Assistant Project Leader, Carterville FWCO
Sam Finney
Assistant Project Leader
Asian carp Management Plan Coordinator

Phone: (618) 997-6869 ext. 17

Sam manages staff and projects and is specifically responsible for Asian carp related activities. Sam's main interests are finding an effective alternative to the use of black carp, managing triploid and diploid grass carp usage, keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, and the role that commercial fishing plays in Asian carp management. Sam is an active member of the American Fisheries Society. Sam spends his free time duck hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and 2 kids.

Image of Brad Rogers, Lead Field Technician, Carterville FWCO
Brad Rogers
Lead Field Technician

Phone: (618) 997-6869 ext. 16

Brad is responsible for leading crews in the field, making sure the office is compliant with safety and HACCP plans, as well as the up-keep and maintenance of all field and office equipment. He maintains a fleet of 4 vehicles and 5 boats along with a warehouse full of fishery sampling gear. Brad spends his free time fishing on the local lakes and racing off-road motorcycles.

Image of Violet Creps, Administrative Assistant
Violet Creps
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (618) 997-6869

Violet is the Administrative Assistant for the Office and is responsible for providing comprehensive administrative services, including budget and financial management; purchasing, procurement, and contract administration; general administrative services; facilities, property, and computers; and human resources services. Violet spends her free time with her husband and two kids. 

Image of Term, Temporary and Student Employees
2012 Staff
Term, Temporay and Student Employees

Left to Right:

Aaron Parker, Fish Biologist;
Jeff Stewart, Fish Biologist;
John West, Fisheries Technician;
Eric Stadig, Fisheries Technician;
Jenny Johnson, Fisheries Technician;
Jose Rivera, Fisheries Technician;
Kenson Kanczuzewski, STEP Student;