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FWS Biologist Uproots a Radish Award!

Aleshia Kenney holding a Topeka shiner after seining an oxbow pond.

Photo by Kristen Lundh/USFWS

Feb. 18, 2015


An Iowa based news group, the Radish Magazine has shined the spotlight on Aleshia Kenney a biologist in the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program. Each year in January the Radish Magazine recognizes individuals or organizations that are making positive differences in personal, environmental and community health. This year’s conservation Radish award acknowledges Aleshia’s work connecting land owners to the land.


Featured article by Sarah J. Gardner below, reprinted with permission from the Radish Magazine.


Aleshia Kenney is a woman with vision. Where others might see a spot to dig a pond, Aleshia, a biologist with the Rock Island field office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, sees the potential for a wetland — and not just the wetland, but all the species of plants and animals it could support.


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Examples of Aleshia's Work

The Little Native Prairie Fish that Could: 2014 Post-winter Topeka Shiner Survey


Slideshow - Topeka Shiner Reintroduction in Missouri (Nov. 6, 2013)


Post -2012 Drought Recolonization Survey in Iowa

Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid: Finding the Needle (May 5, 2014)



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Last updated: February 18, 2015