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Enbridge Must Restore Environment Injured by

2010 Kalamazoo River Oil Spill


Two birds oiled during a spill in a Kalamazoo River tributary.

Birds oiled during a 2010 spill in Michigan on a Kalamazoo River tributary.

Photo by USFWS



June 8, 2015


Federal, state and tribal officials, acting as natural resource Trustees, announced a natural resource damage (NRD) settlement with Enbridge that will result in multiple resource restoration projects along the Kalamazoo River and will pay an additional sum of nearly $4 million. The NRD settlement addresses environmental injuries caused by the 2010 rupture of Enbridge’s Line 6B pipeline in Michigan that resulted in one of the largest inland oil spills in United States history.  Trustees arrived at the NRD settlement in conjunction with a comprehensive settlement between the State of Michigan and Enbridge.  The NRD settlement, which is being filed in federal court, provides funding to the Trustees to conduct natural resource restoration, reimburses agencies for assessment and restoration costs, and incorporates additional requirements from the state settlement for Enbridge to conduct restoration and monitoring.  


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