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Poweshiek Skipperling (Oarisma poweshiek)

Status: Endangered


October 23, 2014: Dakota Skipper and Poweshiek Skipperling Listed under Endangered Species Act

Poweshiek skipperling

Poweshiek skipperling perched on large Indian breadroot (Pediomelum esculentum) at Prairie Coteau SNA, Pipestone County, Minnesota.

Photo by Gerald Selby


Poweshiek Skipperling


Status: Endangered


Habitat: High quality tallgrass and mixed grass prairie


Lead Region: 3


Region 3 Lead Office: Twin Cities Field Office


Range: Michigan and Wisconsin


Proposed Critical Habitat: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin


For More Information: Listing the Dakota Skipper and Poweshiek Skipperling and Proposal to Designate Critical Habitat



News Release (Oct. 23, 2014): U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Protects Two Prairie Butterfly Species Under Endangered species Act


Questions and Answers: Dakota Skipper and Poweshiek Skipperling Listed as Threatened and Endangered


Federal Register Final Rule (Oct. 24, 2014): Threatened Species Status for Dakota Skipper and Endangered Species Status for Poweshiek Skipperling - - This is the Public Inspection version. The final version will be posted on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014.


For More Information: Listing the Dakota Skipper and Poweshiek Skipperling and Proposal to Designate Critical Habitat


Poweshiek skipperlings are small butterflies most often found in remnants of native prairie in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin and in fens in Michigan. However, this skipperling may have been extirpated from the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa within the last 10 years – an area that, until recently, contained the vast majority of the surviving populations. It is now known only from Wisconsin, Michigan and Manitoba. During surveys in 2014, the species could be found only at a few sites in a single Michigan county, in very limited numbers at one site in Wisconsin, and in Canada at the single Manitoba site.


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Last updated: October 23, 2014