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Red BulletMay 27, 2010: Ohio ES Staff Visit Local Elementary Schools to Teach "Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats"


Red BulletMay 20, 2010: Kirtland's Warblers and Young Scientists: A Wonderful New Partnership


Red BulletMay 18, 2010: Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid Population Expanding in Winnebago County, Wisconsin

On Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, Jessica Lewis, Zachary Skiba, and Jennifer Resch participated in an eastern prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera leucophaea) early monitoring survey at Uihlein Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) in Winnebago County, Wisconsin.  

All three individuals are University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students and STEP students (Student Temporary Employment Program) with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Ecological Service's Field Office in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Read More >>


Red BulletMay 6, 2010: Public Updated on Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Lyondell Bankruptcy for the Kalamazoo River, Michigan

On May 6, 2010, Lisa Williams of the East Lansing Field Office made a presentation to approximately 60 people to update them on the progress in the Natural Resource Damage Assessment and the results of the Lyondell Bankruptcy for the Kalamazoo River, Michigan. Read More >>


Red BulletApril 27, 2010: Censusing a Potential Candidate Plant Species in Ohio: Cliff Green or Mountain Lover(Paxistima canbyi) in Two Locations

The initiative of this event was to perform a population census on the two known populations of Paxistima canbyi, a state endangered and potential Federal candidate species, in Ohio. Paxistima canbyi is a glacial relic evergreen shrub found only on exposed dolomite cliffs in the Appalachian Mountains. Read More >> 


Red BulletApril 23, 2010: Twin Cities ES Field Office Biologists Assist Minnesota DNR Collecting Snuffbox and Muckets

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is testing several host fish species for two state threatened mussel species, including the snuffbox and mucket. Read More >>


Red BulletApril 22, 2010: NRDA Approaches Shared at National DOI Meeting: Species-Sensitivity Distributions and Cooperative Assessments

Lisa Williams and Joe Haas of the East Lansing Field Office explained approaches to natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) to approximately 80 NRDA practitioners from around the country at the Department of the Interior’s annual NRDA meeting in Phoenix, AZ, held April 19-23, 2010. Read More >> 


Red BulletApril 12, 2010: Recent Monitoring Shows Decrease in PCBs in Saginaw Bay Walleye After Dredging

Recently published papers demonstrate that concentrations of PCBs in walleye from the Saginaw Bay ecosystem have decreased significantly in the last 15 years.  Read More>>


Red BulletMarch 18, 2010: Iowa Hosts Annual Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee Meeting

The Iowa DNR staff went out of their way to make sure the 2010 Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee Annual Meeting was successful.  All aspects of the meeting were carefully planned and well thought out. Read More>>


Red BulletMarch 17, 2010: Protecting Migratory Birds at Oil Spills: Training Provided for EPA

On March 17, 2010, Dr. Lisa Williams of the East Lansing Field Office provided a training module entitled “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Spill Response, and NRDA:  Protecting and Restoring Migratory Birds and other Trust Resources” at U.S. EPA Region 5’s On-Scene Coordinator Training in Angola, IN.  Approximately 100 OSCs from around the Midwest participated.


Red BulletMarch 3, 2010: Toxicology Class Learns About Contaminants Issuesof the Detroit River

On March 3, approximately 20 students in Michigan State University’s senior-level course, “Topics in Toxicology”, learned about the mission and major programs of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and about the history and current status of human impacts on the Detroit River from Dr. Lisa Williams, East Lansing Field Office. Read More>>


Red BulletMarch 2, 2010: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Equipped for Eagle Conservation

At the request of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), the East Lansing Ecological Services Field Office travelled to Detroit, Michigan to inform Corps employees about new regulations and procedures for the issuance of two newly available federal permits for take of bald and golden eagles. Read More>> 


Red BulletFebruary 16, 2010: Iowa Contaminants Biologists Contribute to National Fish Habitat Initiative


            Contaminants biologist Aleshia Kenney holds a trout for measuring.  Photo by USFWS; Mike Coffey


Red BulletFebruary 2, 2010: Spill Readiness in Illinois and Iowa

Contaminants Biologist Mike Coffey from the Rock Island, IL Ecological Services Field Office conducted training at the annual workshop for emergency response personnel of USEPA Region 7. Read More >>


Red BulletJanuary 14, 2010: Fish and Wildlife Service Reopens Public Comment Period for the Proposed Rule To Provide Endangered Species Act Protections for the Shovelnose Sturgeon - - Comment Period Extended Until February 4, 2010


Red BulletJanuary 06, 2010 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces $1 Million for Coastal Wetlands Restoration in Wisconsin


Red BulletJanuary 06, 2010 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces $266,853 for Restoration of Illinois Coastal Wetland





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