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Photo of a gray wolf.  Photo Credit Corel Corporation (copyrighted)

Photo by Corel Corporatation (copyrighted)


About Gray Wolves in the Western Great Lakes States


Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment

ESA Status


Final Rule to Delist


Map of the Gray Wolf Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment




Biologue - A fact sheet about gray wolf biology and life history


Questions and Answers about Gray Wolf Biology


Was that a Wolf? (PDF) a fact sheet on how to identify wolves and differentiate from coyotes and wild dogs


Wolves are not good pets



Population Size and Range


U.S. Gray Wolf Population


Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan Gray Wolf Population


Minnesota Range Expansion


Minnesota Wolf Distribution and Management Zones (PDF)




Eastern Timber Wolf Recovery Plan (74 page PDF; 4.79MB)


Gray Wolf Recovery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan



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Last updated: April 23, 2015