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What is the FWIC?


The Fish and Wildlife Interagency Committee (FWIC) is a field staff-level coordination forum sanctioned by the State and Federal agencies which participated in the Great River Environmental Action Team (GREAT) process of the late 1970s and the Master Plan process of the early 1980s . The GREAT Main Report also contained summary recommendations for an interagency administrative staff-level coordination group called the River Resources Coordinating Team which is co-chaired by the Corps’ Rock Island District Chief of Operations and a partner State on a two year rotating basis.  The RRCT commonly initiates FWIC action to support decisions regarding the Upper Mississippi River Environmental Management Program (Upper Miss EMP), the Corps Channel Maintenance Program, or other interjurisdictional activities of interest within the Rock Island District.   For the Upper Miss EMP , the FWIC assists selection and prioritization of habitat projects and periodically develops objectives for river resource restoration such as the Goals for Management of Pools 11 through 22  and the current Pool Plans.   For channel maintenance activities, FWIC members provide input to their respective RRCT representatives regarding the development and approval of Dredged Material Management Plans and thalweg disposal sites.


The FWIC currently has two standing subcommittees or teams: the Water Level Management Subcommittee and the 404 Team.  The Water Level Management Subcommittee works with Rock Island District staff to seek opportunities for modified river regulation that would provide benefit to fish and wildlife.  This subcommittee supported the planning and implementation of an experimental drawdown in Pool 13, and is currently seeking other opportunities for both pool-wide and small-scale drawdowns.  The 404 team was formed to support development of targeted research on the effects of dredged material disposal on fish, vegetation, and invertebrates.  Study results to date may be found at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island District website.


While the FWIC official membership is a relatively small group, our mailing list encompasses all government, non-government, and public parties who have expressed an interest in our activities.  Recognizing our respective roles as agency representatives, we welcome the perspective and participation of non-government groups and the general public.  The support of these constituents has been and will continue to be critical to our success in conservation of Upper Mississippi River System resources.


FWIC Chair: 

Robert Clevenstine

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Rock Island Field Office (ES)

4469 – 48th Avenue Court

Rock Island, Illinois 61201


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Last updated: June 3, 2009